#MumStyleChallenge – Phase 2

A couple of months ago I completed a little challenge over on Twitter which you can read more about here. I learned a lot about my style from this challenge, like: When you have to take a photo of your outfit it makes you think about what you are wearing more; Mixing prints is actually really... Continue Reading →

How to build a wardrobe you love

One of my wardrobe goals that has remained a constant for many years is that I want my wardrobe to be full only of items I love so I can’t help but look great! So many of us keep items in our wardrobe that don’t make us look great – whether they are out of style,... Continue Reading →

Making a #Mumback

When you are about to return to work after a baby (or second, or third, baby) you are probably feeling a huge mix of emotions – guilt for leaving your children, fear that you’ve forgotten everything you knew, worry about how you will manage your workload and your childcare – but you may also be... Continue Reading →


Even though I really enjoy fashion and I like to curate my wardrobe so that I really love each piece, every now and then I get bored of my clothes and feel in a little bit of a rut. The new season (and hopefully improving weather!!) is a good time for a bit of a... Continue Reading →

Searching for my style

Before having children I worked 9 - 5 (and then some!) in a corporate office and my wardrobe reflected this - high high heels, pencil skirts, fitted dresses, blazers. My casual wardrobe was...well...neglected. So once I found myself at home 7 days a week with a small (sicky) baby, I never really felt like myself.... Continue Reading →

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